1. 🧠 Limitless Update: Smarter meeting organization + more

    New Feature

    Here is what's new with version 1.373 🙌


    Auto-generated titles for ad-hoc meetings

    When you start an ad-hoc meeting in Limitless that wasn't previously in your calendar, Limitless will automatically create a relevant title for you.

    This makes it easier to keep your meetings organized without the tedius work of manually creating titles.



    Hide day-long meetings and calendar events where you are the only attendee

    Many of us use our calendars as to-do lists. Now you can hide from your Limitless list of meetings anything that is not an actual meeting.

    This gives you a clearer look at your day of meetings and makes prep feel much smoother.



    Improvements and Bug Fixes

    • Meetings you declined now say so in Limitless (you also won't be prompted to join these meetings)
    • Summaries are more detailed
    • Recording with Bluetooth headphones (which you can do with the Mac app) works better


    Some helpful links


    Ps. Pro-tip: using Limitless from your phone

    Not only can you access Limitless from your phone's web browser, you can also create a shortcut so it looks and feels like an app on your phone! Here are instructions on how. It's great for walking meetings, taking calls from the car, or doctor appointments.


    We're prioritizing features based on what you vote for, so do keep the feedback coming! Thank you for all of your support so far.


  2. Limitless Product Update


    You asked for multi-language support, so we built it

    Since launching last week, support for multiple languages quickly became a top request.

    While we weren't planning this feature just yet, we accelerated its development because it was clear you really wanted it!

     Here is the list of languages we now support. If there are others you want, add the request here!



    More easily jump to today's meetings

    Now you can quickly jump back to today's meetings after they've scrolled out of view.



    Edit meeting names

    You can now edit the name of a meeting, letting you customize how they're identified. This was another top requested feature that we prioritized based on your feedback!



    Delete meetings

    If you don't want to store an ad-hoc recording, you can now delete it. All notes, summaries, and transcripts will be deleted alongside it, too.



    Bug fixes

    • New calendar events are pulled in faster
    • Fixed some recording issues
    • Meeting prep generates before your meeting automatically
    • No more endless "Create Account" loop


  3. Some big news to share!

    Today we are introducing Limitless. It is a Web app, Mac app, Windows app, and a wearable that helps overcome the brain’s limitations, specifically memory and focus.

    Watch the reveal: 


    The backstory

    The core insight we learned from Rewind is that people want their data to be safe.

    Limitless delivers on this same guarantee but also offers the convenience of accessing your data from any device, unlimited storage, much better performance, and leveraging the best AI models.

    This is possible because we’ve built a novel architecture for Limitless that is private by design called the Confidential Cloud.


    What about Rewind?

    We wouldn’t be where we are today without our existing Rewind subscribers, so all current customers get Limitless Pro for free - just sign up at with the same email you use for Rewind.

    We are shifting our focus to Limitless because we think it is a superior approach, and have even changed our company name to reflect this. We plan to implement many of your favorite Rewind features directly in Limitless.

    That said, we have no plans to stop supporting Rewind. We hope over time you’ll come to agree with us that the Limitless approach is superior and you will use it exclusively.


    When can I try Limitless?

    Limitless is live right now! Try it out now, or learn more about where we’re headed here.

    Thank you for all of your support along the way. Here’s to a Limitless future!