Feature Ideas

  1. Transcribe in a multiple languages (select more than one language)

    Limitless now supports 33 languages! For the multi-lingual users who speak in a few languages in one meeting, it would help to be able to select more than one language.

    Heidi Liou


  2. Voice identification / speaker diarization

    We've had users ask for Limitless to break down the transcripts by speakers (for example: Speaker 1, Speaker 2) so they can: easily review a transcript get action items by person

    Heidi Liou


  3. Ask AI Anything

    Ask about anything Limitless has captured.

    Heidi Liou


  4. iPhone app

    Native iPhone app

    Dan Siroker


  5. Integrate with multiple calendars

    Connect multiple calendars so that Limitless has more context.

    Heidi Liou
    #Integrations 🔗


  6. Play back audio + support variable speeds

    I want to review the meeting by listening through it all, and have the options to speed up / slow down (.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x speeds)

    Heidi Liou


  7. Support Outlook, Microsoft 365, and other types of calendars / emails

    Being able to support other types of calendars and email clients like Outlook.

    Heidi Liou


  8. Automatic meeting detection

    Record audio automatically in Limitless when you are in your virtual meeting.

    Heidi Liou


  9. Ability to edit transcription

    Allow us to edit the transcription to improve the quality of the generated meeting summary. Separate request to edit Live Notes: https://feedback.limitless.ai/b/kvj1nlve/feature-ideas/edit-notes-created-by-limitless

    Daniel T
    #Transcripts 🎙️#Notes 📓#Summaries 📝


  10. More Context

    Integrate more apps with Limitless. Also related, capture / record screen: https://feedback.limitless.ai/b/kvj1nlve/feature-ideas/capture-or-record-screen-1

    Heidi Liou


  11. Auto-end meetings

    Sure hate it when I forget to end a meeting and the recording goes on and on and on. Just as there is a crazy aggressive reminder to start a suggestion, can we have it on the back end to auto-end meetings with a confirmation? Especially if there is no audio detected?



  12. Integrate with multiple inboxes

    Being able to integrate with more than one email inbox (work and personal emails) will give Limitless the info I need for my meetings.

    Heidi Liou
    #Integrations 🔗


  13. Transcript search features

    The ability to search the transcript by speaker name, date/time, location, keyword ...etc would be great for quickly making the transcript useful without having to necessarily go through the AI model.

    Gabriel T
    #Transcripts 🎙️#Notes 📓#Rewind


  14. Pendant

    The Pendant is a wearable that captures and transcribes what you say and hear in the real world.

    Heidi Liou


  15. Record screen

    Just like how Rewind captures your entire screen, whether you are having a meeting or not, would you like to have Limitless record your screen? Similar request but JUST for meetings: https://feedback.limitless.ai/b/kvj1nlve/feature-ideas/record-meeting-video There was previous feature request similar to this one that was merged into another feature request and should NOT have been merged. Sorry for the confusion. Unfortunately there is no way to unmerge feature requests so we created this one and manually copy & pasted upvotes for this feature request based on anyone who was signed-in and previously upvoted this one: https://feedback.limitless.ai/b/kvj1nlve/feature-ideas/capture-or-record-screen-1

    Dan Siroker